My name is Ksenia,


Originally i'm from Siberia, but now I live in Prague and do what I love.
If you need a bouquet for the most incredible moment, attention to detail, surprising, than I'm always there to help you :)


I choose the best of everything for my customers: quality, modern style, optimal prices and realistic deadlines. All these are the basic principles of my work. I follow new fashion and design trends, travel a lot and I love the business I do with all my heart.

And keep in mind - first bouquet - is the most important step :) 



Nika German


Photography was always breathtaking for me, for as long as I can remember. I value true emotions, sincere feelings, feather-weight shots and soft light. Despite living in Prague I freely travel to other cities and shoot beautiful lvoe stories. I am very happy to create memories to stay with you forever.

I value disengagement and live emotions in photography. That is why I set creating not just photographs, but warmest memories of the most beautiful events of your life, my professional goal!

Alena Vihoreva


I have been working as a make-up artist since 2009, but I found my love for make-up much earlier: at the age of 16, when I worked as an assistant to the makeup artist on a video clip.
I do not like when make-up is made "according to the rules", so I think that in the modern world there are no rules in make-up. I love light negligence, halftones and freshness.
I believe that wedding makeup is not only cosmetics, but also an energy exchange. For me it is a big responsibility to come to an unfamiliar girl on a very important day for her, be near, be part of the process. My taste, ambitions and preferences play no role on this day. This is not my day.

I can advise and direct, but if the bride wants black lips and red shadows, why not?

Anastasia Ushakova


Hello, my name is Anastasia, I’m owner of pastry&coffee shop Cafe La Familia.

Every cake must be unique, especially if it’s a wedding or a birthday cake and this is exactly what we are trying to give to our customers. Our main goal is to provide you with the best memories of those special occasions and everyone in our team is working hard for it.

Ekaterina Sedunova


I know it all about detail since my job is hundreds of beautiful letters. My profession is graphical design.

I use my computers for a lot of projects but nothing will substitute my love for hand calligraphy. For an ability to draw a water-colour stroke on rough paper or write a minimalist writing on a sea rock section.

I make the atmospheric details create atmosphere, and functional things function. If you know exactly what you want, excellent, I will make it happen.

But if you're drowning in the multitude of choices, not a problem too, I will offer you my own bright solution.

Let's do it!