Florarium -is a small piece of nature in your home or at work. This stylish combination of glass, greenery and earth can become not only an unusual decoration for your home!

1. Put on your gloves.

2. Wash your terrarium with soap and wipe it dry.

3. Evenly distribute a 2-3cm layer of drainage over your terrarium's bottom. It's required due to the terrarium not having its own water drainage hole. Drainage is the foundation for the plant's comfortable living. With it they can breathe.

4. Carefully put 2/3 of the soil inside. Do not mix it with the drainage. Use tools for your convenience.

5. Mark where you would like your plants and make little holes in the soil using your shovel.

6. The soul of your florarium is its plants. Most popular ones are succulents, cacti, fern and  moss. Try cleaning their roots without damaging them.

7. Place the plants into the holes you've prepared. Make sure the leafs don't touch florarium's walls.

8. Put the remaining 1/3 of the soil around the plants but do not pat.

9. Spread decorative elements around the plants. Be creative. Avoid covering the plants.

10. Water your succulents and cacti 24 hours after the planting. Water soil, not the plants.


Enjoy your creation!