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13:00 – 15:00

1900 Kč

Cafe Petrohradska


What do we have here!


Dive deep into the mysterious world of florariums with us on the 4/7/2021.


In this workshop you will learn how to create glass decor, how to properly plant plants, phow to take care of them and much more. If you're a veteran follower it's about time to meet us live and learn how to put a florarium together!


In the practical part of the workshop you will learn what different decor elements there are, how wide the variety of succelents and cacti is and choose the ones you like most to build your own florarium. Then every participant will fill their own little plant house to take it back home!


Every participant will have one of five glass forms to choose from. This choice will have to be made ahead of time so that we manage to build them all for you before the workshop.



Moon                                                      Patronus                                                         Drakaris                                                 Siberia                                                    Cristal

What awaits you?

All materials

The finished form of florariums that you take with you

Useful information on the care of succulents

Discount on further purchase of succulents and florariums


A gift from our team





Each of us can create a florarium with our own hands

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